Pizza and Lemons

On the way to Naples the flight was interesting to say the least. Me and Mallorie didn’t get to pick our seats so we had to be by complete strangers. This normally wouldn’t be a problem and would be an opportunity to make new friends, but this flight was different. Mall said that she sat by a man who teamed of B.O. My encounter was worse. The guy across the isle from me was watching dental videos. This included videos of a set of teeth and a dentist putting braces on them, but on the backs of the teeth. Did I mention they were bleeding tremendously? Another thing that I found interesting was that all of the forms/magazines on the flight were in English. Another side note, as we were landing I was watching an older man eating his sandwich. There is just something about an old Italian man eating a big ol sub. He was mauling it but that is how the Italians do it.

When we landed Mallorie and I took a cab to the hostel for 20€. It pulled up in a pretty rundown neighborhood that made me cling to my bags. The gps said we were there, but we couldn’t see any sign or indication of our hostel. We did a lap around the block in the car and finally noticed a sign on the top floor of a building that read the hostel’s name. We somehow figured out a way to get inside and just wanted to get some sleep. We arrived at our room.. that was hot and slimy. We fell asleep and set our alarms as early as we could so we could get out of there as quickly as possible in the morning.
One of our professors told us that we needed to get pizza from a Place called Sorbilo. We were told that serving pizza at lunch wasn’t a thing so we were hesitant to go to this place, but later figured out that they only serve pizza. So we were good! Mallorie and I plugged the address into google maps and headed toward the pizza place. On our way it got less sketchy and more touristy. One thing I’ve noticed everywhere in Italy is that tourist season is picking up. Lots of tour guides holding up bright colored umbrellas for the tourists to follow and so they won’t get lost. We found Sorbillo and soon got very anxious because there were people waiting outside in line 35 minutes before, meaning it must be good! Naples is popular for their pizza so I was excited to get in and see what it had to offer. Budging her way to the upstairs, Mallorie snagged us a table. We sat down and realized the whole menu was in Italian. I decided on a Diavolla pizza, which is equivalent to a spicy pepperoni pizza in the US. We got some wine and waited for our pizza. I noticed the phone ringing a lot and looked over to find a mini elevator that brought the pizzas upstairs from the kitchen downstairs. We assumed that when the telephone rang the waiter would pick it up and listen to the order numbers and open the elevator to find the pizzas hot and steaming, ready to serve. We were right! The funny thing about Italy is none of their pizza is cut unless you get it from a carry out place! They eat everything with forks and knives, even burgers, so you have to cut your own pizza. Most people cut off a bite, but some cut them into the traditional triangle slice. The first bite of pizza was pure heaven. It was the thinnest pizza I’ve had in Italy, but tasted the best. I even tried the “fold” (folding the pizza in half). It’s so much better than eating it the normal way! After we stuffed our faces we headed to the train station to head to the second part of the trip, Sorrento. Sorrento is a part of the Almafi Coast which is one of the places I wanted to go while being abroad! While sitting on the train, I put my feet up on the seat in front of me. The guy that was sitting in the seat next to my feet touched my shoes and shooed them off the seat. I thought it was odd and sort of rude. I told Mallorie about it and she told me that people can get fined for putting your feet up on the seat! How weird, but understandable.

Sorrento is the named the lemon country and was much different from Naples, in a good way. We arrived to check in to our hotel in the late afternoon. The hotel was excellent and I got to take a shower that was hot for longer than 10 minutes. We set our stuff down and went out to explore! It was just after siesta time so everything was beginning to open up again. We found a couple of shopping strips and got to taste a lemon cookie from the local candy shop. It wasn’t too tart, but just the right amount of sweet. We explored the coast a bit and sat down to hang out while the sun went down. We later found a small restaurant with some seafood and decided to eat dinner there. I got salmon penne, while Mallorie enjoyed some local fish with capers and olives. At the end of the meal we paid and got our receipt back with two post cards to keep and take home. I’m sure it was a tourist thing, but it was a great souvenir to take home.
Day 2: Positano

On Saturday we decided to take a day trip to Positano. It was about an hour drive in a big charter bus. The roads were narrow and it felt like we were in Colorado about to fall over the edge, but into the sea instead of the rocks. We finally got to Positano and were so surprised by the view. It was postcard picture perfect! If I saw any picture of the Almafi coast, it was the view I was seeing at that moment. We explored down further to get closer to the beach and made a few pit stops at a couple of different shops, of course. Mallorie got a tshirt and a post card and we continued on our way to the beach. The beach was more breathtaking than the water in Ortigia. We got to see the aqua bright blue sea. We took a couple of minutes to sit on top of the hella-pad overlooking the sea. Even though there were plenty of people around us, it was so calming and peaceful. It almost felt like time stopped. Moving on from the beach we went back up the hill to a sandwich shop and had lunch. We had sandwiches that had picante salami (spicy salami) and some sort of spicy mozzarella. After this we waited for the bus to pick us back up. That night for dinner we went to a fancier restaurant. We again had wine and each ordered a shrimp dish for the main course. They brought out bread like normal with oil and vinegar to accompany it. Waiting for our food our waiter brought out a sample of pizza bread, which looked like a slice of pizza. I think it was margarita pizza, which was great. Our main course was phenomenal, mostly because of the shrimp. We decided on a piece of tiramisu to split and to help wash it down our waiter brought us free shots of limoncello. Limoncello is a liquor made here in Italy, but like any other shot it did not go down smooth. Ha! The waiter did not make us pay for the dessert. To end our night we went back to the hotel and watched a movie on my phone! Overall Naples, Sorrento, and Positano were all great in their own way! Until the next adventure.